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dIRCal is an IRC plugin for Decal which will has the ability to write to the chat window. It has roots in cab_irc (a vb IRC client by Jaime Cabral), AC IRC (by Temmu) and a functioning build of DecalIRC (by Hazridi).

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11 Jan 2004 I've stopped playing AC for a while now. AC2 wasn't even a factor, more of an excuse. I now have a job, and that's my real reason for dIRCal's idle status. But if anyone wants to send me donations for the time I spent on it, I'd graciously accept anything you offer, since I get paid in peanut shells... not even whole peanuts. Call it my "Lane fried his XBOX" fund, or "Help Lane get a replacement motherboard for his XBOX" fund.
1 Jul 2002 I have 3 words as my work on dIRCal comes to a stop. AC2 Beta.
20 Mar 2002 You have no current subscriptions to Asheron`s Call Dark Majesty.
With this in mind, I dunno how much I'll be able to work on dIRCal.
18 Feb 2002 dIRCal 0.6.2
The installer works a lot better now, so if you could only get as far as "Looking up host...", this should make it go all the way, baby. Also made a little change for better workages with Decal Beta's multiple views and the Z-ordering issue accompanying it. Finally (I think), the error log file is now created in the installation directory instead of the AC folder. Hope ya like it. And if you do, please feel free to donate via the PayPal link above.
11 Jan 2002 dIRCal 0.6.0
Sorry for the quick releases lately, but i had an itch to do a few things. I'll try to slow them down in the future.
Replaced 'Identify on Connect' with 'Perform on Connect'. Added a 'Perform' selection to the Options area. See Release Notes for more info.
8 Jan 2002 dIRCal 0.5.0
Fixed some issues with channel parts, and added some more server responses, too.
7 Jan 2002 dIRCal 0.4.11 Requires Decal 2.0+
I updated the URL in the internal help to reflect the move to SourceForge. Also made a few changes to the installer which now need Decal 2.0+
4 Jan 2002 New site, yay! dIRCal is now on SourceForge.
19 Nov 2001 dIRCal 0.4.10
Seems is back online (Thanks Kalroth). Huzzah! With some persuasion and assistance from Your_God, I managed to fix an overflow error that would cause dIRCal to crash. Also fixed an issue with long nicks not being able to send text, but able to read. I think that's it.... and sorry about the outage I had there for a while.
Oh yeah, if you're upgrading from 0.2.xx, get this registry file to flush your password (see below).
16 Oct 2001 dIRCal 0.4.0
Whee, I stopped calling it beta! I also added a new Options button (which i just realized is a bit ugly, dut doesn't quite merit a rerelease) and UI that will be more expandable for options down the road. This version has some key feature updates, such as auto-connect, auto-join, some filters, and a more secured NickServ password storage. With this new password storage, the installer will erase your old password, so you will have to re-enter it in order to ident. I also added some nick checking code, so it'll warn about illegal characters. Also on the nickname front, If your desired nick is taken, it will tack on a random number at the end so you can still get in. I don't think I missed anything, but sorry if I did.
17 Aug 2001 dIRCal Beta 0.2.72
dIRCal Beta 0.2.71
There is an issue with nickanmes containing spaces. Please remember these are illegal nickname characters and should be avoided. I will add code to get rid of this problem in a future release.
I just dumped 0.2.71 (sorry to the six of you), since I added another cross-server feature so quickly. Lack of sleep caused me to miss it earlier.
Auto ident now does '/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password'

All the previous features you know and love. Plus it takes care of a few other servers where it would connect, but dIRCal didn't think it was connected. If you use, you should be fine with 0.2.70, but there's no harm in updating.
17 Aug 2001 dIRCal Beta 0.2.70
All sorts of crazy changes/fixes/additions. There was an unintended feature where some folks could spoof those area/global messages to you over IRC. Harmless thing, really... a bit fun to play with, but it had to come to an end.
As always, type '/help dircal' for a list of available command line features. I think it's up to 18 commands plus 8 aliases.
16 Aug 2001 dIRCal Beta 0.2.25
Fixed the sneaky problem where some people wouldn't want to connect. Winsock can be a pain like that, I guess.
Get this update if dIRCal would hang at "Status: Looking up host blah.blah.whatever"
15 Aug 2001 dIRCal Beta 0.2.23
This is an *important* update, since previous versions could cause AC to crash!
I fixed a bug with KICKs. Sorry to anyone who experienced it.
15 Aug 2001 dIRCal Beta 0.2.22
Added Multi-channel support
Also added the little paypal link above for the generous types :)
15 Aug 2001 dIRCal Beta 0.2.16
Okay, it's now suitable for public consumption
It was written with as a source of comparison, but should work elsewhere, too.
One important thing to note is that the "Identify on Connect" option does a '/msg NickServ ID password' so it shouldn't be used on servers with other nick services.
Typing '/help dIRCal' in the chat box should give you a list of commands. Enjoy!
05 Aug 2001 dIRCal Alpha
Not available to the public yet
I pretty much rewrote how the mesages are processed, making it more RFC compliant

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